Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Running Week in Review: 5.5.14

Last week was a good week of exercise. I managed to hit 100 miles for the first time ever to round out the month of April. I ran a few miles less than I have the past few weeks, but that was ok. I raced the past two Saturdays as well, so I'm not upset about my mileage. I also strength trained. I feel so much stronger when I strength train (I guess that's why they call it strength training!) and I can tell a difference in my running as well.

4 miles before work/28:22
2 miles at lunch/14:22
Strength training at the gym - upper body, abs, butt

4 miles/forgot to log time
50 twisting sit ups on the incline bench

4 miles/forgot to log time - hit my 100 with this run!

Off day - I did chase around first graders so I got in a workout, but went on a field trip with our oldest.

3.1/22 something as I had a race the next day
40 pull ups
75 twisting sit ups on the incline bench

Another 1.5 warm up and cool down

2 miles
8 minute abs
40 pull ups
60 twists on the incline bench
30 on each side crunches with a kettlebell

Total Miles: 23.6
Total Time:  2:24:13


  1. wow you are an inspiration!!!! 23.6 miles is amazing in one week!

  2. I love the thought of a trail race, like cross country, right? So incredible to think of that - I love hiking and to actually be able to run something like that feels impossible in this moment. Thanks for helping me see beyond my ruts of today. The 20X31 challenge is a blessing!