Monday, April 14, 2014

Running Week in Review: 4.14.14

This past week was not my best when it comes to mileage. Thanks to this yellow pollen and running fever, this girl didn't get in too many miles.

Monday: 2 miles/13:57; weights
Tuesday: 2 miles/13:49
Wednesday: Off, fever
Thursday: 4 miles/28:12
Friday: Off
Saturday: 3.1, not sure on time
Sunday: 8 minute abs, no run - feeling yuck

Total Miles: 11.1
Total Time: 104 minutes (includes strength training)

My goals this week are to strength train and eat healthier. We had a few birthday celebrations for our youngest son and me last week which resulted in a few too many pieces of cake being consumed! I'm not one to say no to cake - or restricting my diet - but I do like to eat healthy for the most part.

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